Fairy Tales 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Into the Woods and Fables: Fairy tales or not?

Into the Woods: This musical certainly has some fairy tale elements... for one, it combines several fairy tales into one grand production. Most important, however, the "woods" are explored in the musical as a source of excitement, danger, and mystery. LRRH, Jack, Cinderella, and others go into the woods either in search of something or take it as a path in order to deliver and/or receive items. Into the Woods presents the woods as a sort of test or battle ground. Characters are dealt tasks and it is up to them to make it safely through the woods. The woods can be scary, like when the giant wanted the boy who killed her husband, or exciting, like when the childless woman and the prince had their intimate meeting. This is a fairy tale because it follows the stories visually. Even in viewing it, the musical presented itself like a read, for me at least.

Fables: I don't know if I would call this one a fairy tale. It was an interesting read, however, it's comic book genre strays it away from the fairytale genre. Fables offers a cool spin to fairy tales. It's funny and it gives some of the fairy tales characters a more invloved voice in their stories. Some things are more of the author's voice, of course, and we loose the fairy tale quality.


  1. I would agree that Fables is a little loose in its interpretation of fairy tales. Flipping through I didn't really get a sense of being in a fairy tale, with the exception of the character names or appearances. It reminds me more of X-Men with its covert meeting hall, Fabletown. They are more mutants in hiding than classic characters.

  2. I agree about with your point about the woods in Into the Woods. They do add a fairy tale quality with the fact that, as you said, they are a source of excitement,danger and mystery.